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Free communication application for all Imo is a free chat and communication system for your computer that allows users to send and receive messages as well as voice or video calls. The app is also available for most mobile devices, so you can communicate with others no matter where they are or where they are connected from your computer. Imo is a great choice for anyone looking for an alternative to consumer applications like Skype. In addition to text messages, voice or video calls, you can send photos or any other type of file. The only price you pay is your internet connection (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The biggest difficulty you will encounter when using this service is that your friends are unlikely to use it. And while it is known to attract security issues in the past, there is no confirmation that its encryption will improve or improve. The great thing about this app, if your network security isn’t an issue, is that it has useful features like secret chat mode, groups, and free stickers that you can use to express yourself. Imo video and voice calls are high quality. Calls and messages Imo is a communication tool that allows you to send text messages and make video or voice calls. The Imo program can be installed on several devices so that this service can replace standard phone functions even when on a computer. Using the software, you can create a group of contacts where all users receive messages and call notifications. Voice and video calling options are available in group settings. In the past, the service acted as an intermediary for all your popular email services. It was affiliated with Google plus, Yahoo, Facebook and Skype. Today, this contact feature is not found and the service is your email service. File sharing When you send messages with Imo, you can attach a photo or video file to it. This Imo file transfer system works in the same way as Skype’s presence and ability to upload all file types. Free Stickers You can easily express yourself as you chat in your Imo using one of the many free stickers available. With such a choice, it can work better than regular emotions on a mobile device. Is it safe? Security is always a concern when using any online service, especially one like Imo for PC. The service does not have a high reputation for consumer protection and is likely to compromise your account information when you sign up. Imo is currently encrypted to prevent third party websites from accessing your information. Whether this encryption is as strong as WhatsApp uses is left unanswered, but as the option is more popular, Imo probably doesn’t get as strong security. Imo’s Terms of Use do not mention any voice or video encryption service or account security. The software is provided “as is” and does not take responsibility for any unfortunate events that may occur in your information. Low popularity Social media and communications apps like Imo for Windows cost nearly a dozen dollars. If your friends are using WhatsApp or Skype, you are unlikely to be able to persuade them to use Imo if they don’t make it easy to use.Managing multiple accounts or applications, especially on the desktop, can be problematic because they take up storage space and resources. Every country is different and uses applications; this must be kept in mind if you are using Imo with friends or international contacts. Privacy? ‘Imos’ privacy concerns are not limited to its security. The Terms of Service state that we may use your content in a variety of ways, as permitted by our privacy policy … and allow others to do the same on their own websites and media platforms. Your content will also be stored on their server and mobile ad tags will be used. While the latter is common with websites and search engines, it inevitably goes too far. Quality One thing Imo is known for is high quality voice and video calls. The display is unmatched by an alternative service such as Discord. Not to mention that using a webcam on a desktop computer that is more efficient than your mobile device provides better usability. Using data on all devices Imo can work with almost any type of Internet signal, whether you’re using a desktop or laptop. Imo is inviting work for both old and new devices operating in the 4G – 2G range. Options Due to security issues with Imos, you or a friend may not want to use this app to communicate. Fortunately, there are many options available. WhatsApp is another cross-platform messaging service that costs nothing. Enter your number and confirm it before using the app. Discord is designed for gamers and community-oriented users. You can send private messages, create groups, or access servers. Voice and video calls are possible, as well as screen sharing. Skype is much like Imo. It requires an account and can be used to make voice and video group calls. Skype has an additional feature that can use purchased funds to use the app as a regular mobile phone. Facebook Messenger is a capable service on a popular social networking site. You can send text messages and various files, make video or voice calls and share messages from FB. This app is a decent choice for all normal uses of the messaging service in your daily life because the overall quality is better than the options. However, this application should not be used for professional or private purposes due to lack of security. The major weakness has not been resolved and there are no guarantees for your privacy. Also, you probably wouldn’t remove your friends from their favorite apps because the app’s original connectivity is no longer available.

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