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The free social media app for all Instagram is a social network focused on photography and other images. You can connect with people around the world and see everything they share. This is a great place for anyone looking to win on social media while showing off their travels or skills. The service has an instant messaging feature, history section and several filters to add to your (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Instagram is a great choice for anyone who prefers to navigate the feed without seeing too much text or other distractions. The social media service is free to use, but will occasionally show ads on your feed. You can link your IG account to Facebook to receive notifications for friends who also use Gram. A Facebook-like feature is a story card at the top of your feed, showing the stories of everyone you follow. The feed is also intuitive and you can scroll for a long time with it. The service can be accessed from almost any device and your web browser, and all of them are low on system resources, but can leave the notification part full. The audience for IG is bigger than Flickrs due to all the platforms supported and the addictive feed. Extensive feed As in every version of this service, IG PC puts all the user posts you follow into one long feed that you will enjoy scrolling through without getting bored. The only thing that prevents this is when you constantly check the latest posts because you come across the old ones. From your Instagram feed, you can interact with anyone who follows you or add your posts to get feedback from those who follow you. In this section, you can like, comment, or share a photo Editing photos on the go When you upload a photo to the latest version of Instagram, you have several editing options. While they may not be as powerful as you can do it in Photoshop, I can allow you to quickly improve your look in every selfie. With over 25 filters to choose from, you have little variety to enhance your photos. Swipe to see nothing As great as your laptop’s Instagram feed, if you try to swipe or click a photo to see more, nothing will happen. Sometimes it can work, but it severely limits your social media experience on your computer. When you watch a video, you cannot post it in full screen. You can turn the sound on and off, but the header and resolution restrictions don’t allow you to see it without scrolling down or up if you want the whole picture. Tag others Whenever you post a photo full of other influential people and IG users, you can tag them in the photo and let your followers know who everyone is or help support an influential colleague. This is a great way to share your family photos on Instagram or enjoy a date with someone you know. Without Saving Photos As you scroll through the latest memes or photos in the feed to re-upload them to your Instagram account, you will find that any version of Ig cannot save images without using an external program. This option is not available for any system version of the application. Some websites allow you to get around this, but it requires an individual process where links are copied one at a time. This method is time consuming,unlike the option to save images directly from Facebook or Twitter. Instant messaging As with many social networking applications, InstagramDM is a place for in-person conversations. They can easily send photos as a reply and share stories or use them as a shortcut to their profile. The tool is a great way to chat with family members and fans or exchange ideas. Alternatives While Instagram is a great social network itself, it may not be your go-to choice for Windows. There are some popular and similar social media apps for you to browse. Facebook is one of the most popular social media services. It has a filled edition similar to Ig’s, except with a greater focus on the social aspect. You can post a story that all your friends will see, open a page to express their interests, and use the Messenger app to chat with friends or ask questions of businesses. Twitter uses the following and consistent system, similar to Gram. Twitter uses hashtags and up to four photos per post to complete your feed. This is another great place to share photos in addition to the limit of posting four photos at a time. Snapchat, like Instagram, is another visual social media network. It’s more personalized than most services, but you can post stories that expire after 24 hours for the public to see. On the mobile version, you can submit photos and videos that will expire after a certain average replacement. This social networking service is a standard for image-oriented expression. However, the Windows application itself is worse to use than the browser version. The mobile applications of this social media service are optimized and do not cause any problems when you try to view your feed. The app is still a great way to communicate with friends who are using the service and scroll to the feed while on your computer or laptop.

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