The firm has bought a series of New Drill Rigs to support other multiple units of used drill rigs with capacity to drill more than 300.0 m deep in a single hole with trained operators and sufficient support units to cater in-situ and laboratory testing work to the satisfactory of the client in due time. Modern insitu test equipment like Double Hydraulic Packer was bought from Europe and managed to hire other special tools required to perform Dilatometer Test, Hydrofracture Test, Plate Jack Test in borehole and drift or gallery.


     1Rotary Drill Rig with Hydraulic Swivel Head WD-200100 m1Qingdao Bohwa Machinary Corporation
     2Rotary Drill Rig with hydraulic swivel head UEW-90300 m1Universal Engineering Works
     3Rotary Drill Rig with hydraulic swivel head XY-200200m2Qingdao Bohwa Machinary Corporation
     4Rotary Drill Rig with hydraulic swivel head XGY-200F150m1Qingdao Bohwa Machinary Corporation
     5Rotary Drill Rig with hydraulic swivel head Vol-35150 m1Voltas
     6Rotary Drill Rig with hydraulic swivel head Joy Sullivan 12 B150 m1Joy Sullaivan
     7Small Rotary Drill Rig with hydraulic swivel head KT-2D75 m3Koken
     8Portable Rotary Drill Rig with mechanical awivel head40 m2Koken
     9Percussion Drill Rig 40 m2Brandless

    1High pressure water pump200 m2Bean RoyalUSA
    2High pressure water pump100 m3BW-160USA
    3High pressure water pump200 m1Tone BoringJapan
    4High pressure water pump100 m3Hi-SpeedIndia
    5High pressure water pump100 m8VoltasIndia

       1Wire Line Core Barrel  3.0 m  lengthNQ5
       2Wire Line Core Barrel  1.50 m lengthNQ5
       3Triple Tube Core Barrel  1.50 m  lengthNMLC10
       4Metric Standard Core Barrels 3.0 m length76, 66 56 mm10
       5DCDMA  Standard Drill Rods and Casings.PX, HX, NX & BX3000 m
       6Diamond Core Bits and Reamer Shell for core barrels & casings.PX, HX, NX, BX, NQ, NMLC, 76, 66, 56 mm1000 nos

       1Drive hammer for percussion drill.150 kg2 nos
       2Drive hammer for SPT/DCP tests.65 kg6 nos
       3SPT split tube for sampling.N6 nos
       4CPT coneN10 nos
       5SPT shoe.N10 nos
      6Single Mechanical Packer test assembly for Lugeon tests.NX, NQ, NMLC  and BX4  sets
      7Double Hydraulic Packer test assembly for Lugeon tests.NX, NQ & NMLC2 sets
      8Permeability test assembly NX, NQ, NMLC  & BX4 sets
      9UD Shelby TubeN4 sets


         S.NoInstruments Name Manufacturer
           1Point Load Index Tester 100 KNHeico
          2Brazilian Testing Machine 200  KNAimil Ltd.
          3Uniaxial Compression Testing Machine 500 KNAimil Ltd.
         4Core Cutting and Grinding Machine 35 mm to 75 mmAimil Ltd.

    S.NoEquipment NameManufacturerCountry
     1Set of SieveContassIndia
     2Los Angles Abrasion Testing MachineHarriss & TarrissIndia
     3Aggregate Impact TesterContassIndia
     4Aggregate Crushing Value ApparatusContassIndia
     5Thickness GaugeContassIndia
     6Length GaugeContassIndia
     7Density BasketContassIndia
     8Density BottleContassIndia

    S.NoEquipment NameManufacturerCountry
     1Series of SieveContassIndia
     2Soil HydrometerLeimcoIndia
     3Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit DeviceContassIndia
     4Cone Penetrometer for Liquid LimitContassIndia
     5Density Bottle for Sp. Gr.ContassIndia
     6Three Gang Consolidation ApparatusContassIndia
     7Direct Shear ApparatusAimil Ltd.India
     8Compaction Mould and Rammerfor Standard and Heavy CompactionContassIndia
     9California Bearing Ratio AppratusContassIndia

    S.NoEquipment NameManufacturerCountry
       2Ring and Ball ApparatusContassIndia
       3Flash and Fire PointContassIndia

     S.No Equipment NameManufacturerCountry
       1Marshal Stability Test ApparatusContassIndia
       2Centrifuge ExtractorContassIndia
       3Core Drilling MachineContassIndia

     S.NoEquipment NameManufacturerCountry
       1Vibrating MachineContassIndia
       2Vicat Needle ApparatusContassIndia
       3Le Chatelier FlaskContassIndia

     S.NoEquipment NameManufacturerCountry
       1Laboratory Concrete MixtureContassIndia
       2Slump Test ApparatusContassIndia
       3Concrete Compressive Strength Testing Machine 2000KNContassIndia
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