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The firm has full capacity to provide services related to Geological and Geotechnical investigation, which can be used for designing and construction of any infrastructure of the country. The firm has sufficient quantity of machines and equipment of latest technology, tools, laboratory setup and other in-situ testing equipment specially diamond core drilling which has capacity to drill more than 300 m down the earth in a single hole. The firm has developed and practiced associated in-situ tests like Water Pressure Test by a double hydraulic packer assembly, Dilatometer Test, Hydrofracture Test in the drill hole and Plate Jacking Test/Plate Load Test inside the test tunnels and so on. On the other hand the firm has extended its services to Rock Testing facilities like Uniaxial Compression Test, Brazilian Test and Point Load Test of the rocks to measure the strength in Geotechnical Laboratory to support geotechnical analysis of the structure. The firm has grown steadily in size and has expanded its professional capabilities to the point where it now offers integrated services in the following areas:


  • Core Drilling
  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Testing
  • Water Pressure Testing (Lugeon)
  • Rock Mechanical Testing
  • Dilatometer Testing (import service)
  • Hydrofracture Testing (import service)
  • Plate Jacking Testing (import service)
  • Plate Load Tesing. (import service)


  • Uniaxial Compression Test
  • Brazilian Test
  • Point Load Test
  • Uniaxial Compression Test
  • Modulas of Elasticity & Poisson’s Ratio (import service)
  • Triaxial Test (import service)
  • Direct Share Test (import service)


  • Sieve Analysis
  • Aggregate Crushing Value
  • Aggregate Impact value
  • Flakiness Index
  • Elongation Index
  • Bulk Unit Weight of Aggregate
  • Los Angelos Abrasion (LAA)
  • Sodium Sulphate Soundness (SSS)
  • Specific Gravity and Water Absorption
  • Alkali Reactivity


  • Sieve Analysis Dry & Wet
  • Hydrometric Analysis
  • Attergberg Limit Test
  • Direct Shear
  • Specific Gravity
  • Moisture Content
  • Unshoked CBR of Soil
  • Shoked CBR of Soil
  • Modified Compaction of SoilI-D Consolidation Test of Cohesive Material